Villa Le Fonti

Villa Le Fonti is an historical residence set in a sunny location with a private park, which is closely linked to the territory in the exclusive setting of the Florentine hills.
It is a very romantic place, which was the scenery tales of the secret love story between Dante Alighieri and Beatrice Portinari. Here the guest receives an explicit invitation to “chill out” breathing the pure country air and admiring the natural amphitheatre of hills with precious vineyard and olive groves, surrounded by the accent woodland.
This piece of land embodies and radiates the essence of Tuscany: here the five senses of the traveller come into synaesthesia with the place.


Property and projects

The current property is constituted by the Villa, The Farmhouse and the Annexes, which are a total gross area of 4,805 square meters (including 2,415 sqm gross of the Villa, 1,580 sqm gross and gross 810mq appendages).

These properties need to be restored and may have different use destinations, including residential and luxury accommodation Hotel. It is also possible to devise a new building, that will create additional numbers of rooms linked to the hotel. To complete the work, there will be the creation of a Central Park and sporting facilities – receptive soil adjacent to buildings. Work on these historical buildings requires special dedication, commitment and attention.

Villa Le Fonti’s projects respect these ethical standards, which will lead to an excellent result, without affecting the surrounding natural scenery. Our architectural studies aims to get the best housing and receptive solution according the request of the client.

The three projects of Villa Le Fonti were carried out in collaboration with the prestigious studio Archea Associati in Florence.

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