Hotel Project

Four blocks assemble the Hotel project: Villa, Farm, Annexes and the new building that includes an underground parking and two levels of rooms. The underground level is linked to the four units of the project.
A swimming pool and two tennis courts take place on the enlargement’s rooftop.

Project Functions

VILLATotal gross area2’415 mq
Level -1Thermarium
Changing rooms
Level 0Relax rooms
Tea roomno.2
Level 1Rooms type Cno.4each 50-60 sqm
Level 2Rooms type Cno.6each 50-60 sqm
FARMTotal gross area1’580 sqm
Level -1Connections
Level 0Restaurant
Level 1Rooms type Dno.11each 50-60 sqm
Level 2Roof
ANNEXESTotal gross area810 mq
Level 0Officesno.2
Wine Barno.2
Level 1Administraton officesno.2
ENLARGEMENTTotal gross area8'900 sqm
Level -1Underground parkingno.96
Level 0Rooms type Ano.22
Rooms type Bno.15
Level 1Rooms type Ano.30
Level 2Tennis courtno.2
Swimming pool


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